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Proving Free Haircuts, Backpacks & School Supplies





School Supplies


Kutz 4 Kidz Back to School Event is a charity project aimed at providing free haircuts, backpacks, and school supplies for underprivileged children in our community, just in time for back to school.

The average cost of school supplies per student ranges from $75 to well over $100(depending on grade level)! Many children served at this event, have little or no means to return to school with the proper school supplies needed. With the high costs associated with returning back to school, this event will serve as a resource to help children feel comfortable going back to school.


Our goal in 2015 is to serve up to 8,000 kids and their families estimated to be 15,000 attendees. The cost for school supplies and back packs for each student is approximately between $100.00-$125.00, our total costs for school supplies for this event is $500,000.00. We are seeking/accepting the following: Title Sponsors, Media Partners, Product Donations, & Volunteer Groups to ensure the success of this event.

How Can You Help

We are seeking/accepting the following:

  • Title Sponsors

  • Media Partners

  • Product Donations

  • and Volunteer Groups to ensure the success of the event.

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